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Welcome to The Prince Rupert SPCA

P.O. Box 453,
2200 Seal Cove Road, Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 3R2
Phone: (250) 624 2859 Fax: (250) 624 2341 Email:bcspca@kaien.com

Our Mission: The prevention of cruelty to animals, and promotion of animal welfare.


Animals surrendered to the SPCA are available for adoption. Adoptions make up an integral part of the work of the SPCA.
The SPCA does limit the boarding of dogs. Kennels must be reserved in advance by phoning 624-2859. At this time we do not board cats. We do however, board many small animals.
There are more dogs and cats born than there are people to take care of them. For every one human born, there are seven animals born. There simply aren't enough homes for them all. Surgical sterilization is considered an important part of responsible companion animal care.
All animals received at the shelter are examined and, if needed, basic health care is provided by a veterinarian and/or staff.
Animals surrendered to our shelter are occasionally put in a foster home until adoptions can be arranged. We are always looking for reliable foster homes.
Through radio, newspaper and television exposure, the SPCA is striving to make people aware of the needs of animals and to educate the public about responsible animal care, particularily spaying and neutering.
The idea of this program is to not only to get the pet of the week adopted, but also to heighten the public's awareness about our facility and to promote any upcoming events.
If you have a missing or found animal, phone the SPCA and give a description of the pet. This will be heard by the community on the local radio station.
The SPCA provides a shelter to which the public may bring in their unwanted animals. We also respond to calls regarding injured Bald Eagles. A trained and dedicated staff is at work every day of the year to provide a high standard of care.


The current facility for the Prince Rupert SPCA is over 25 years old. It is in very bad shape and far too small to meet the needs of the community. For the past several years we have been fundraising for a new shelter. At present, we have raised $250,000 towards a new building. We estimate the new shelter will cost upwards of $300,000 so we still have many more dollars to raise. Construction of the new facility is progressing nicely. Drop by and take a look!

If you would like to contribute to the building fund, please send a cheque or money order directly to the Prince Rupert SPCA. Upon request, a tax receipt will be issued.


The SPCA is a private non-profit organization supported soley on donations, memberships and bequests. We do not receive government funding. Please help us make Prince Rupert a better place for people and animals with your continued support!

Please mail comments or questions to bcspca@kaien.com

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